Outsource your pathology department

Using Healthyco’s services you can bring online the whole pathology or roentgenology specialty of your hospital!

With the help of our digital pathology service you can digitise your pathology samples and have them analysed by our accredited network of professionals to get analysis and professional medical opinion in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks.

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How Healthyco Pathology Solution Works


Our commitment

At Healthyco we are working with a professional network of Pathologists and Roentgenologists carefully screened and qualified by our trusted consultants also leading experts in their field.

In addition, we are happy to do a free of charge screening and evaluation of our professionals by your experts so that we can handpick the best talent for your needs.

We have flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which guarantee response and reaction times for our service so that we can meet the needs of your medical establishment and guarantee timely results with highest accuracy. Our experts can provide professional analysis of pathological sides or roentgenology studies as soon as 24 hours after submission in the system.


Data security and privacy above all

Healthyco’s software products are fully GDPR compliant and are following latest security standards for the industry. We are happy to receive anonymised information for your patients or anonymise it before it reaches our experts in order to guarantee trustworthy partnership and reduce data privacy burden for your business roentgenology studies as soon as 24 hours after submission in the system.


Digitisation of pathological slides is done through expensive professional equipment. In the cases when you don’t have such scanners we support you with the logistics and digitisation of your samples. Pickup, scan, upload to Healthyco and return the physical slides to you all as part of our standard services.


How much does it cost

The price for the service is calculated based on the following components:

  • Time for reaction and resolution
  • Type of experts (Pathology or Roentgenology or mixed)
  • Amount of monthly consultations

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